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‘Destiny 2’ Made Two Years Of Content Free, But It’s Deleting It, So What Now?

Probably the single biggest move Destiny 2 made after its split from Activision was making a sizable portion of the game free-to-play. The project was called “New Light,” meant to bring in Guardians from all over the gaming world to try Destiny if they had avoided it so far.

The amount of content offered was substantive. The entire base game of Destiny 2 and all its Red War campaign missions. Then both follow-up DLCs, Curse of Osiris and Warmind. Then most of the content in year 2, Seasons of the Forge, Drifter and Opulence. It’s a hefty mountain of content available for free.

And now, it’s almost all going away.

One thing Bungie has really not talked about at all is how the concept of the Destiny Content Vault is changing the free-to-play premise of New Light. A long, long time ago we got the barest hint that the Cosmodrome’s return would bring some new, New Light intro missions with it, but anything to replace what’s being taken away? There’s just no way.

Pretty much the entire New Light experience is being vaulted, given that almost all year 1 and 2 content is going away. The Red War campaign is gone, with 2 of the 4 planets needed for it being vaulted. Curse of Osiris and Warmind are gone, with Mercury and Mars vaulted. Forges, despite being on Earth and Nessus, are gone. Drifter’s Reckoning and Zero Hour are gone. Opulence’s Menagerie and Tribute Hall are gone. New Light players have lost access to all five raids they had before.

What is…left, exactly? For New Light, as far as we know right now, we are down to the fact that New Light players can visit existing planetary patrol zones (even if they can’t do the