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CyberSaint Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

CyberSaint Security, developer of the leading solution for cybersecurity program management, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Build Partner, giving customers the ability to dynamically empower, automate, and elevate their integrated risk management (IRM) strategy and execution.

As a Google Cloud Partner, CyberSaint offers customers the ability to leverage data from disparate applications to automate continuous compliance and dynamically manage risk across cloud workloads and beyond. Key use cases for the CyberStrong platform include:

  • Providing a single source of truth platform for all risk and compliance management initiatives, tracking, and reporting

  • Leveraging data coming from the security tech stack to automate compliance and manage risk, via integrations with vulnerability management platforms, threat intelligence platforms, SIEM, IAM, Cloud Workload Protection Platforms, and more

  • Automating metrics such as Return on Security Investment (ROSI), and reports such as Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM), System Security Plan (SSP), Risk Assessment (RA), and NIST Scorecards among others

  • Illustrating compliance and risk posture, gaps, and initiatives for improvement with fully customizable Governance Dashboards and drill-down capabilities

  • Operationalizing the Shared Responsibility Model

CyberSaint’s cutting-edge approach to cybersecurity and IT risk management, cyber governance, as well as privacy and compliance automation, is why CyberSaint is cited as a key competitor in the integrated risk management solutions market, according to a recent Gartner report. The CyberStrong platform’s ability to support a robust feature set and deliver advanced compliance and risk automation while maintaining scalability, flexibility, and real-time reporting capabilities has put CyberSaint at an advantage in the competitive risk and compliance market. A wide array of organizations, from first-time buyers to those with multiple GRC platforms in place, partner with CyberSaint to increase maturity, drive cyber risk and compliance automation and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

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