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The computer is a complicated companion

I learned to type on a manual typewriter using Taperaser to make corrections. Next, I graduated to an electric typewriter. Not being a very practical person, I had plenty of trouble inserting typewriter ribbons and correction tapes, the latter designed to wipe out unwanted text.

a hand holding a remote control: It’s never too late to become computer literate.

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It’s never too late to become computer literate.

But, about 35 years or so ago, while I was still working, everything changed with the arrival of the computer era. Handwritten sheets were replaced by computer entries, correcting texts happened with a touch of a button on the keypad. It was truly an unprecedented change and I had to get on the bandwagon!


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So, over the years I took plenty of computer courses at various locations, practising on a computer in the library. But I still did not own a computer.

Finally, the big day arrived: I was about to buy a computer! What will it be? I was advised to get a desktop and that’s what I have to this day. The honeymoon with my computer has long past and we have settled into the ups-and-downs of everyday life.

The computer, my friend

When I click the buttons of my computer in the morning, it greets me with a friendly “Welcome” and a sky-blue screen, and informs me of the date and time of day. Then I have my choice of what I want it to do. Will it be e-mail to reach relatives and friends? Will I place an order? Or perhaps get my daily fix of news and views on Facebook where I am in touch with family and many old and new friends. How about listening to a concert on YouTube? The possibilities are staggering.

The knowledge packed into my computer is inexhaustible. Converting Hungarian