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Can Wisdom, Technology And Collective Knowledge Build A Better Future?

We are a society of seven billion human beings all with the ability to almost instantly connect. In seconds, we can send a text message or start a video chat with a friend on the other side of the planet. We often take for granted how easy it is to hop on a plane and sip coffee with that same friend a day later.

We are forever interconnected, now more than ever before. Not long ago, it’d be hard to imagine a board meeting without every executive physically sitting in the room. Now, it’s common to hash out quarterly planning strategies or discuss budgets while leaders sit in comfortably in their offices (or homes) thousands of miles apart.

But the perks of an interconnected world is more than just about pleasure, convenience, or savings on travel expenses. According to Rajesh Kasturirangan—the cofounder and CEO of Socratus—bringing together collective knowledge from around the globe could be the key to solving our biggest problems. 

As barriers that once separated the world’s best minds dissolve, Rajesh envisions a collaborative future brilliantly designed for the greater good.

The Midwife of Wisdom

As an MIT grad with a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science, it’s little surprise that Rajesh looks towards mathematics, science, and technology to lead his team’s initiatives when it comes to changing the world.

He also uses wisdom directly from the top thinkers and changemakers of the past. “If you think about citizenship and today’s politics, elections, and democracies, it’s something that really we take for granted,” he says. “You go to the election booth…cast your vote, and don’t think about how it’s all orchestrated. 

“But actually, it was mathematicians, scientists, and others in the late 18th Century during the French Revolution that set these institutions into place,” Rajesh says. With a